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5 Acres for Sale in Emigrant Gap, CA

Property Information

  • Property ID LC-2103-329498
  • Size 5.00 acres
  • Total Purchase Price $63,999.00 (Owner Finance)
  • State California
  • Location 645 Coyote Ridge Court,Emigrant Gap,Placer,CA95715
  • Deed Type Warranty Deed
  • Parcel Number 066-370-017-000
  • Zoning Recreational
  • Road Access Paved Road
  • Utilities Electricity available, septic and well required
  • Taxes $146.48

The perfect mountain retreat to build your vacation home in the Sierras. Close to 1-80, this lot has a gated entry and backs up to protected Bureau of Land Management forest. Just 10 minutes off the freeway and it is 20 minutes from 2 ski resorts. There are a few hills and a flat pad for a trailer (may need to be cleared).

PRIVACY: No building will ever be done behind this lot, as the space behind it belongs to the BLM (Bureau of Land Management)

GPS Center Coordinates: 39.2855, -120.6688

GPS Corner Coordinates: "39.285711, -120.670923

39.285313, -120.670923

39.285305, -120.666192

39.285712, -120.666217"

Google map link:

Elevation: 5052.5 feet


  • LAKE TAHOE – an hour away!
  • Emigrant Gap Historical Marker - 6 min (2.0 miles)
  • Snowflower RV Resort - 11 min (5.5 miles)
  • Indian Springs - 14 min (8.8 miles)
  • Lower Cliffs, Upper Tier Indian Springs Rock Climbing - 14 min (8.6 miles)

ADDITIONAL LAND INFO QUESTION/S DATA Closest major city:South Lake Tahoe California 96150, USA - 1 h 40 min (72.7 miles)If No Address or 0 address: Closest Property with Numbered AddressN/a Closest small town:Yuba Pass California 95715, USA - 14 min (5.9 miles)Nearby attractions:Emigrant Gap Elementary School - 5 min (1.3 miles)

Emigrant Gap Historical Marker - 6 min (2.0 miles)

Snowflower RV Resort - 11 min (5.5 miles)

Indian Springs - 14 min (8.8 miles)

Lower Cliffs, Upper Tier Indian Springs Rock Climbing - 14 min (8.6 miles)ZONING DATAQUESTION/S ANSWERS FROM THE COUNTY What is the zoning of the property? (Residential/Commercial/Agricultural/etc)Residential-forest (RF)Terrain type? (Is it flat /slope/etc)SlopeProperty use code?n/aIs the land cleared? (Yes/No)WoodedAccess to the property? (Dirt/ Paved/ Plated but not Built/ No Roads (Land Lock) or Other)DirtIs the property buildable? (Yes/ No/Maybe/ etc.. write whatever the county has to say)YesWhat can be built on the property? (Different types of homes that we can build on the lots.) Allowable Land Uses and Permit Requirements. The following land uses are allowed in the RF zone district.

Agricultural, Resource and Open Space Uses:

- Agricultural accessory structures

- Agricultural processing

- Animal raising and keeping

- Crop production

- Equestrian facilities

- Fisheries and game preserves

- Forestry

- Grazing

- Mining, surface and subsurface

- Plant production nursery

- Water extraction and storage (commercial)

- Winery

Manufacturing and Processing Uses:

- Electric generating plants

- Recycling collection stations

Recreation, Education and Public Assembly Uses:

- Campgrounds

- Camping, incidental

- Community center

- Small agricultural event center

- Intermediate agricultural event center

Residential Uses:

- Farmworker dwelling unit

- Farmworker housing complex

- Single-family dwellings

- Mobile homes

- Temporary dwellingCan we camp on the property? (If we buy this property can the owner camp there?) Yes/NoYesNotes on Camping (please take note of the allowed time for camping or whatever the county has to say)Camping is allowedAre RV's allowed on the property? (Please ask if there are any restrictions.) Yes/ NoYesNote's on RV's (jot down notes whatever the county has to say)RV's are allowed for temporary useAre Mobile homes allowed on the property? (Please ask if there is restrictions.) Yes/NoYesNotes on mobile homes (jot down notes whatever the county has to say)Mobile homes are allowedAre tiny houses or small cabins allowed in the property? Yes/ No (Please ask if there is restrictions.) Yes/Non/aIs there a total size restriction for any structures on the lot? Yes/ No (Please jot down the notes from the county)Coverage: 10% maximumAre there any building height restrictions? (yes/ No) How many ft... please take down notes from the countyHeight limit: 36 feet maximumWhat are the setbacks of the lot? Setbacks

Front: 50 feet minimum

Side: 30 feet minimum

Rear: 30 feet minimumWhat is the minimum lot size to build on the property?The parcel size of the property will be the starting of the minimum size.Is there any time limit to build?6 monthsIs there a County or City Impact fee required to build and if so how much does this cost? n/aIs the property in a flood zone and if so what needs to be done to the lot in order to build? Not in the flood zone areaAny other restrictions?n/aCounty Operator Details who Confirmed the Information: Zoning Information Available OnlineLM Internal DD Specialist:MardieLM Internal DD Auditor: EdisonUTILITIES DATAQUESTION/S ANSWERS FROM THE COUNTY Is the property in the city or MUD district? ( Please refer to FEMA)

Note: MUD (Mixed Used Development) meaning it's a zoning type that blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or entertainment uses into one space.PLACER COUNTY UNINCORPORATED AREASIs the property located inside or outside city limit? CountyDoes the property have water connected? NoIf NO:Need to dig a wellDoes the property currently have Sewer or septic? NoIf NO: Do we need to install septic? Need to install septicDoes the property currently have electricity connected? NoWhat is the electric company name )Solar System AlternativesWhat type of gas does this area service? (Propane gas/Natural gas/ tank gas/etc)No Gas


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